Learning CIC

We apply creativity as a tool to strengthen social and relaxation techniques within neurodiverse communities.

We are a London based social enterprise providing services for young people with special educational needs such as Autism.

We use art to reduce anxiety and increase social skills​.

We train young people 16-25 to support the delivery of these sessions.

Our Work

Our Arts and Crafts packs

Our at-home packages provide you with everything you need to support your creative learning journey. Our packs come in two sizes and are shipped within 48 hours.

Our Services

You can find our services here. We area able to support you with workshops for your school and or community group, 1-1 sessions, online workshops and or consultation.

Outdoor Events

We are available for creative events in parks and on the beach. The focus is on sustainability and learning from the environment.​ Private functions are available on request.

Background Research

Some of the recognized patterns of autism includes challenges with social interactions and communication.

Increases social and emotional resilience and resistance to stress.

Improves social behaviour and self-esteem and reduces psychiatric symptoms.


During this period of COVID 19, we are specifically using our Art based projects for young people to convey the impact of  COVID-19 on their lives.  The consequences of this period can result in social isolation and loss/decline in the health and well-being of many young people.

Research suggests Art is a successful method to enable the expression of thoughts and feelings. Our activities aims to support resilience,  personal growth and remembrance.

About Me

I am an experienced teacher and have taught in schools, homes and community-based settings for over 15 years. I have noticed that stress and anxiety impact learning and the readiness to feel joy.

Those with a toolbox of relaxation techniques, from mindfulness to sport from music to visual arts were better equipped to combat the negative consequences of stress.

In my view, they were more resilient and experienced a higher level of health and well-being.

October Events


Sensory Arts with the under 5’s in Stockwell Community Trust (July, Mondays in the day).

After school club

Stockwell community trust

Dyslexia packages

Stockwell Community Centre
27th of October


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Calming for them and calming for the parents.

Wandsworth Parent

It was interesting, I enjoyed doing the Sand Art.

Young person (Christian) at The NAS Friends and Family Event

Craftwork was very good and relaxing.

Parent at NAS Lambeth Friends and Family Event.

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