At Neurodiversity Learning, our mission is to foster creativity, support collaboration, and empower neurodiverse young people, their parents, and siblings. Through a collaborative learning environment, we promote the sharing of knowledge and skills. Our focus on creativity serves as a vehicle for personal growth, community building, and managing stress and anxiety. Together, we can create a bright future where creativity thrives, diversity is celebrated, and the potential of every individual is unlocked. Join us on this empowering journey of learning through creativity.


Online and Face to Face Presentations

Themed Arts and Craft for Children and Adults

Homework Club Learning Through Creativity

Community Projects

Creative Homework Club

Messy Play

Sensory Stories

Past Campaigns

Free Dyslexia Packs to support those who are who suspect they coud be dyslexic

Free Arts and Crafts resources for Families with Neurodiverse children

Holiday Activity and Food Programme Facilitator

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