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Navedia Young has expertise in additional needs through her experience in education as a head of year, head of subject, special educational needs, and cognition and learning advisory teacher, She has also delivered presentations and workshops to raise awareness of neurodiversity and was awarded funding to develop dyslexia packs, which were distributed to four London-based boroughs, Additionally, she was an assistant researcher on a project focused on identifying challenges and benefits of accessing technology in emergency situations for the neurodiverse community. Navedia has delivered coaching within the community and is highly recommended. Her Social Enterprise business was named social enterprise of the month in 2022, and in 2023 she won the LEAP community award for supporting parents to engage with their children through sensory stories and sensory creativity.

Does This Sound Familiar?

"My son is struggling in school?"

"My daughter is becoming withdrawn and anxious."
"My youngest does not want to go to school."


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Specialized advice services in neurodiversity offer tailored insights and strategies for individuals with unique neurological perspectives. These services provide practical guidance to manage challenges, embrace strengths, and promote self-confidence, enabling a more inclusive and diverse approach to personal growth.


Neurodiversity coaches work closely with individuals to provide holistic support. They offer personalized strategies, emotional guidance, and skill-building techniques. Through this collaborative partnership, clients develop self-awareness, improve social skills, and cultivate a sense of belonging, enhancing their overall well-being and life satisfaction.


Neurodiversity tutors employ adaptable teaching methods to cater to various learning styles. They create supportive environments where individuals with diverse neurological profiles can excel academically. These tutors focus on customized instruction, patience, and empathy, ensuring that each student’s unique strengths are harnessed for successful learning outcomes.

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Our agent went above and beyond what was expected of her. We're thankful for her excellent service and assistance.

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Our agent went above and beyond what was expected of her. We're thankful for her excellent service and assistance.

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