Specialized advice services in neurodiversity offer tailored insights and strategies for individuals with unique neurological perspectives. These services provide practical guidance to manage challenges, embrace strengths, and promote self-confidence, enabling a more inclusive and diverse approach to personal growth.


Neurodiversity coaches work closely with individuals to provide holistic support. They offer personalized strategies, emotional guidance, and skill-building techniques. Through this collaborative partnership, clients develop self-awareness, improve social skills, and cultivate a sense of belonging, enhancing their overall well-being and life satisfaction.


Neurodiversity tutors employ adaptable teaching methods to cater to various learning styles. They create supportive environments where individuals with diverse neurological profiles can excel academically. These tutors focus on customized instruction, patience, and empathy, ensuring that each student’s unique strengths are harnessed for successful learning outcomes.

 connected with it Neurodiversity Learning CIC appreciates the unique perspectives and talents each individual brings to the world. We provide a personalised service to support engage and thrive in often challenging times.

Sensory stories and creativity are fun interactive sessions. These sessions engage the senses through sound, sight, taste, texture, and movement. Additionally, these techniques enhance imagination, attention, language development social-skills and well-being.

Sensory Stories with Sensory Creativity

A creative homework club provides a supportive environment where students can explore their creativity while completing their assignments and homework. Additionally, t these activities boost imaginative thought, and problem-solving, motivation memory social skills and well-being.

Creative Homework Club

Draw paint make independently or with guidance. We create flexible spaces to talk, share and grow.

Creative Space

We deliver face to face and online sessions on an Introduction to Neurodiversity. We focus on small changes to encourage an inclusive environment for all to thrive in the home, community and work.


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